Winter Products at Wholesale Prices

Winter Products at Wholesale Prices, The cold has crept in and the days are getting darker which can mean only one thing…winter is here!

As Halloween and Bonfire night approach, thousands of consumers all over the country will be topping up their winter wardrobe, looking for new footwear and shopping for Christmas gifts. So for resellers this signals a clear buying opportunity – if bought at the right price, winter items can definitely bring in a healthy return on investment. Winter Products at Wholesale Prices

The Wholesale Scout team have been looking through winter items and have chosen some that are always popular at this time of year. There are plenty of wholesale suppliers within the wholesale directory too so finding stock at well below the RRP shouldn’t be a problem. Here are some product ideas and some ways you can secure the best prices on stock:


Clothing is popular all year round and high street retailers are always moving their clothing stock to make way for seasonal trends. And this time of year is no different. One glance at retailers will show you just how winter orientated fashion is now. Jumpers, hats, scarves, coats and boots are all making their way onto retailers shelves and this is the same for online retailers too. Big fashion items that tend to be popular with consumers include leather jackets and biker boots – so these could be two items worth focusing on if you’re a reseller trying to boost sales. If you contact a clothing wholesaler then be sure to find out how much you could save when buying in bulk.


Handbags are sold in large volumes at this time of year and usually consumers seek out larger, winter handbags during the colder months. The team at Wholesale Scout know just how lucrative this market can be and have found a number of wholesale suppliers specializing in designer handbags. Popular designers include Ted Baker, Radley’s and Vivienne Westwood. As a reseller, sourcing these products at low trade prices should certainly create some profit making opportunities this winter. Winter Products at Wholesale Prices


There was a time where onesies were impossible to buy. Now, they are all over the high street and they are sold by most online fashion retailers too. Onesies can either make a fashion statement or they can be bought for gifts and many retailers see their onesie stock deplete during the Christmas period.

Road Salt

Road salt is an essential item during the colder months in the UK. The weather notoriously turns much colder and the last few years have seen some horrific weather conditions and storms. Snow has also fallen in most parts of the country during the past few years, making road salt a necessity for many commuters especially those living in rural areas. Most wholesale suppliers that stock road salt can sell it in bulk – giving you a much better opportunity of buying at well below the RRP and adding a serious mark-up when it comes to resale.

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