Profits From Wholesale Computers

Profits From Wholesale Computers, UK consumers are heavily into their electronics and computer equipment. In fact, latest government research shows that, the UK is Europe’s largest market for high-end consumer electronics. The market sector is thought to be worth around £16 billion to the UK economy per year with over 18,000 UK based companies involved in the sector. It is estimated that the electronics retail sector will grow faster than any other UK retail sector in the next year or so, with recent annual growth trends at 4.4%. This means that the market offers great opportunities throughout the supply chain, opportunities we think our members should be taking advantage of.

So, this month the Wholesale Scout research team has been making enquiries into the wholesale electronics and computers sector, especially looking at suppliers of high end new technology. We wanted to be able to find the latest electronic products at the cheapest possible trade prices, this could then enable our members to capitalize on consumer demand when it’s at its strongest. Profits From Wholesale Computers

Searching only for wholesalers that could provide the latest products from Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Panasonic, Sony, Google and the other electronics giants, our team eventually unearthed a supplier that could fulfil the criteria for our members. This wholesaler deals in warranted big brand tablet computers, laptops and TVs and is therefore ideal to meet the demands of the UK based reseller. Our research team have picked out just four of this wholesaler’s current stock offering to showcase the kind of profits that can be made in this sector. If you’re interested in getting into this market we recommend you get in touch with the supplier soon to ensure you don’t miss out on these bargain deals. Profits From Wholesale Computers

Here is are just a few of the highly profitable deals currently available;

ProductDescriptionWholesale Unit PriceLikely Unit Re-Sale PriceProfit per Batch
Microsoft Surface Pro 3 | Intel i5 – Batch of 13£615£849+£3000
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 – Batch of 30£70£129+£1700
HP Slate 7 2800 Tablet with Dr Dre Beats Audio – Refurbished – Batch of 30£45.00£59.00+£400
Asus X550CA White Laptops – Factory Recertified – Batch of 7£190£279+£600
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