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We Specialize In Shelf Pulls and Liquidation Pallets


In our business, quantity is important. But, we don’t like to sacrifice quality, either. That’s why our pallets of merchandise consist of shelf pull and overstock items. Because we buy shelf pulls and overstock, our items are unopened and are in like-new condition. For more information on what makes shelf pulls attractive for resellers give Bobby a call or text at +1 (352) 614-0213 or send an e-mail to info@palletszone.com and one of our customer services representatives will reply to you within 1 hour max

We Believe In Transparency and Help Our Customers Reduce Their Risk When Buying Bulk Pallets
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We Believe In Transparency and Help Our Customers Reduce Their Risk When Buying Bulk Pallets

Pallets of merchandise and shelf pulls can be hit or miss. At Take It By The Pallet, we secure, organize, and communicate our pallet merchandise information. This way, we make sure our customers have the most information possible to inform their purchase decisions. Our process saves our customers time and money. It’s part of the reason our customers choose Take It By The Pallet over other wholesale and liquidation sellers. Our commitment to transparency keeps our customers coming back to do business with us.

We Help Off-Price Resellers Increase Their Profits On Pallets Of Merchandise

We help off-price resellers get the highest returns on their pallets of merchandise. Our services help merchandise brokers, flea market sellers, auctioneers, online sellers, wholesalers, and exporters increase their profits. We offer expert advice and personalized service that other wholesalers just can’t match. We’re always looking for new ways to help our customers. Give us a call and let us know what you need. Also, we regularly update our blog with selling guides and industry tips and tricks. If you can’t find the resource you need, let us know!

We Welcome Visitors To Come See Our Liquidation Pallets for Sale!

We have several convenient locations in the United State and Europe. Even though we have huge warehouses and several facilities, we’re not too big to help our customers one-on-one. Our customers come from all over the United States and Europe to pick up their merchandise or browse through our facilities. Make an appointment to see our pallets of merchandise for sale and start saving big, today.

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