The Refurbished Electronics Market: What To Know And How To Succeed

The Refurbished Electronics Market

The refurbished electronics market is bigger than you might think. By latest estimates, it’s valued to be a $10 billion industry—and that’s only expected to grow as consumers realize that refurbished cell phones, laptops and TVs can provide quality products at more affordable price points. Looking to tap into the growing refurbished electronics market? Here’s what you need to know in order to compete.

Refurbished Products Are Popular

A recent white paper which surveyed more than 1,400 online shoppers, found that 94 percent of respondents have knowingly purchased refurbished electronics in the last three years. And, 75 percent of participants said they are likely to buy refurbished goods in the future. Retailers should take note—buying used and repaired electronics is no longer considered taboo, but an integral part of the consideration stage in a buyer’s journey.

And, Buyers Are Generally Happy With These Purchases

The majority of online shoppers—84 percent—who bought a refurbished product are satisfied with the electronic item, especially given its cheaper cost. (The majority of these buyers say “the deal” is a major draw because it helps them save money and try a product without making a major monetary investment.) As the quality of repaired consumer goods continues to improve, customer satisfaction, and the market as a whole, will grow. This presents enormous opportunity for electronics brands; as these happy entry-level buyers move up the economic ladder, they’re likely to purchase more expensive “A” stock from the same retailers. Not only that, but also these buyers can turn into brand loyalists, sharing their experience with friends and colleagues—and almost nothing beats word-of-mouth recommendations from a happy customer!

Consumers Are More Likely To Buy Refurbished Electronics Online

Eighty-two percent of shoppers prefer to purchase used and restored electronics online rather than in-store. Reasons for this could include the ability to search reviews and more easily compare similar brands and products. Regardless of the motive, what this means for retailers is that a strong and robust online presence is necessary for success. Data-backed e-commerce can help bring in the right consumer that’s ready to buy.

Accurate Details & Warranties Are An Absolute Must—And So Are Brand Names

Even with the benefit of affordability, buying refurbished electronics can make consumers uneasy because they’re a) not sure what to expect and b) concerned there might be no recourse if the product doesn’t deliver on quality or functionality. So, the more information a retailer can provide, the better. Offer insight into product features, let shoppers know whether accessories are included, and post real product photos so that they know what they’re getting. Warranties are key, too. Nearly 70 percent of survey respondents say that the availability of a warranty helps convince them of buying refurbished electronics because it builds trust in the product. And, speaking of trust factor, brand names are highly sought-after for the same reason—consumers have faith in them.

How Retailers Can Guard Against Serial Returners

Guard Against Serial Returners

Guard Against Serial Returners according to research conducted by Brightpearl, an omnichannel retail management software company, Leverage The Secondary Market retailers have seen an uptick in serial returns over the last year. Serial returners—those who frequently buy and return clothing or merchandise—can wreak havoc on a retailer’s margins and it’s best to get ahead of the problem. Here are a few ways companies can protect themselves against the pitfalls.

Change Return Policies

To combat serial returners, many big-name brands—including Amazon, ASOS and Harrods—are essentially blacklisting customers associated with too-high return rates. In May 2018, Amazon led the charge with a change in policy that deactivates the accounts of customers who request too many refunds. In Germany, online fashion brand Zalando has started to charge return fees in certain markets and is experimenting with single-use tags to quell the return of used, non-defective merchandise.

Leverage Technology

Companies like Appriss Retail and Brightpearl are leveraging artificial intelligence to examine customers’ purchases and behavior. By calculating thousands of unique statistics, the technology compares a consumer’s buying history to his or her pattern of refunds, flagging those individuals who exceed a certain amount and using AI to make an empowered decision on whether to accept the return. In 2018, Appriss says its platform Guard Against Serial Returners, called Verify, helped reduce return losses for its customers by an average of 8 percent.

Take A Page From Another Brand’s Book

Following Amazon’s lead, ASOS and Harrods will now ban shoppers who are flagged in their systems as serial returners. The move may sound extreme, but it’s a necessary pivot, according to Brightpearl, whose reporting shows that retailers feel lifetime embargoes on notorious shoppers are not just the best way to protect slim margins, but also save time and money on the administrative resources that are consumed when processing such a high volume of returns Guard Against Serial Returners.

Leverage The Secondary Market

Even with the evolution in retail policy and AI-powered technology, brick-and-mortar and ecommerce brands alike will need to deal with regular customer returns. Offsetting return-based revenue loss is made easier with a platform like the one B-Stock offers: a technology-based and data-driven online marketplace where retailers sell their used and returned merchandise to a secondary market of vetted buyers. Nine of the top 10 U.S Guard Against Serial Returners. retailers are currently using our online auction marketplace solution. A B2B online marketplace not only drives a faster sales cycle and helps move unwanted inventory, but also makes it possible for retailers to earn the highest price possible for their liquidation stock. This can significantly alleviate the financial burden that’s created by serial returns.



CLAIM VALUE FROM RETURNS, The sheer number of consumer items that are returned year round amount to billions of dollars for retailers; the majority of returns flood customer service lines throughout January of each year. Most, if not all, returns within the first few weeks of the new year are simply due to either the wrong size, or inconsiderate gift giving. Whatever the reason, retailers attempt to reclaim as much revenue as possible from returned items.

As a small retailer or auction seller, we are interested in purchasing clean, undamaged consumer returns,. As you will see, flooding the secondary market (liquidation) is not the only way big box giants deal with raw merchandise returns: CLAIM VALUE FROM RETURNS

Items returned to stock – If items are new and not compromised in any way returned items can be returned to retail stock. This represents the best option for the retailer.

Vendor credit – Large retail stores sometimes have vendor agreements, whereby all returns of said products are full or partially refunded by product vendors. I think the best example of this type of vendor / store relationship would be agreements in place for the retailing of cosmetics. Most stores accept product returns for makeup that was purchased and brought back to the store having being used at least once. These returned lipsticks, eye shadows, etc. are typically fully refunded to the store by the cosmetics distributor.

Refurbished – A large portion of returned items, once they have been sorted, can be refurbished to full factory specifications. These refurbished items are then re-packaged and resold in an attempt to reclaim revenue. There are third party service providers who do nothing but refurbish broken electronic items.

Secondary Markets – This is the area we are most interested in, being a wholesale buyer! Returns that do not fit into one of the other categories are often liquidated in pallet and truckload quantities for the eBay, small store, and flea market sellers. This process if often handled by a third party reverse logistics company (sources found within our wholesale guide). CLAIM VALUE FROM RETURNS

Recycling – One of the last options a retailer will consider when dealing with raw customer returns is that of recycling merchandise to recoup dollars from glass, metal, plastic, and precious metals (from computer/electronic components).

Landfill – As a last resort, some customer returns will indeed end up in one of the many landfills that dot the Country. While this is not the most desired solution, some merchandise will not be salvaged.


Profits From Wholesale Computers

Profits From Wholesale Computers, UK consumers are heavily into their electronics and computer equipment. In fact, latest government research shows that, the UK is Europe’s largest market for high-end consumer electronics. The market sector is thought to be worth around £16 billion to the UK economy per year with over 18,000 UK based companies involved in the sector. It is estimated that the electronics retail sector will grow faster than any other UK retail sector in the next year or so, with recent annual growth trends at 4.4%. This means that the market offers great opportunities throughout the supply chain, opportunities we think our members should be taking advantage of.

So, this month the Wholesale Scout research team has been making enquiries into the wholesale electronics and computers sector, especially looking at suppliers of high end new technology. We wanted to be able to find the latest electronic products at the cheapest possible trade prices, this could then enable our members to capitalize on consumer demand when it’s at its strongest. Profits From Wholesale Computers

Searching only for wholesalers that could provide the latest products from Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Panasonic, Sony, Google and the other electronics giants, our team eventually unearthed a supplier that could fulfil the criteria for our members. This wholesaler deals in warranted big brand tablet computers, laptops and TVs and is therefore ideal to meet the demands of the UK based reseller. Our research team have picked out just four of this wholesaler’s current stock offering to showcase the kind of profits that can be made in this sector. If you’re interested in getting into this market we recommend you get in touch with the supplier soon to ensure you don’t miss out on these bargain deals. Profits From Wholesale Computers

Here is are just a few of the highly profitable deals currently available;

ProductDescriptionWholesale Unit PriceLikely Unit Re-Sale PriceProfit per Batch
Microsoft Surface Pro 3 | Intel i5 – Batch of 13£615£849+£3000
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 – Batch of 30£70£129+£1700
HP Slate 7 2800 Tablet with Dr Dre Beats Audio – Refurbished – Batch of 30£45.00£59.00+£400
Asus X550CA White Laptops – Factory Recertified – Batch of 7£190£279+£600



Buy luggage at wholesale prices
In today’s world, we have become accustomed to buying things at retail prices. However, if you want to save money, then you should buy luggage at wholesale prices. Wholesale prices are much lower than retail prices. You can find luggage at wholesale prices online. If you do not know where to look for them, then you can simply search online. There are many websites that offer luggage at wholesale prices. All you need to do is enter your specifications and choose the best deal.

Find cheap luggage
If you are looking for cheap luggage, then you should start by searching for discount luggage. Discount luggage is often sold at discounted prices. These discounts can range anywhere from 10% to 50%. Sometimes, these discounts are offered only once per year. So, make sure to check out their website frequently.

Check out the clearance section
You may also want to check out the clearance section. In this section, you will find items that are no longer being produced. These items are often sold at low prices. Make sure to check out the clearance sections regularly. You never know what you might find!

Look for sales
Another way to get cheap luggage is to look for sales. Sales are times when retailers sell products at reduced prices. You can find sales online. Just go to the retailer’s website and click on the sale tab. You will then be able to view all of the current sales.

Use coupons
Coupons are great ways to save money. Coupons are codes that allow you to receive discounts. Many retailers give away freebies just by using their coupon code. You can use coupons to purchase luggage at wholesale prices. To use coupons, you first need to print them out. Then, take them to the store and show them to the cashier. Once they scan the coupon, you will receive the discount.

Shop around
Sometimes, you can find even cheaper luggage by shopping around. When you shop around, you will find different stores selling luggage at wholesale prices. You can compare prices between different stores.

Compare prices online
You can also compare prices online. You can visit sites like Amazon and eBay to find luggage at wholesale prices.



Cycling Accessories at Wholesale Prices, The cycling industry has gone from strength to strength in the UK in recent years.

More people are participating in road cycling than ever before – with more and more over 50’s joining the market – and mountain biking continues to be a popular hobby for many extreme-sport enthusiasts across the country. Cycling Accessories at Wholesale Prices

The Wholesale Scout team are always on the lookout for trends or products that could make their members a profit and this is certainly a sector that could do that. A report issued last year revealed that the UK cycling industry is worth a whopping £2.9 billion – with the average cyclist spending around £230 a year on equipment and accessories. The market has been expanding year on year too and last year saw the market increase by 28% compared to the previous year. And with statistics revealing that 40% of UK households own a bike, it’s not difficult to see why this is such a big industry.

When researching this industry and its wholesale suppliers further, Pallet Retails research team found that the cycling accessories market is booming and potentially boasts lots of wholesale buying opportunities. The accessories market is valued at around £850 million so there’s plenty of room for even the smallest of resellers to purchase goods in this arena and make a healthy profit from it.

The team have found a number of wholesale suppliers of bicycles and accessories that could offer some great deals on accessories and equipment. So what products are worth looking out for? Whether a cyclist uses the sport for fitness occasionally or as a hobby regularly there are plenty of accessories within this market potentially worth sourcing at wholesale prices. Helmets, lights, bike pumps, clothing, gloves, water bottles, locks, panniers and racks and GPS trackers are just a few examples of the accessories you can purchase within this industry. If found at low trade prices (or bought in bulk) these items could provide a quick return on investment. Unlike other sports, cycling is popular all year round and is not only seasonal, so many cyclists will be looking to purchase accessories all year round. Cycling Accessories at Wholesale Prices

The number of branded bikes being sold to regular cyclists has also increased in recent years as more and more consumers have begun to take this sport more seriously. All over the UK road cyclists can be found cycling alone attempting to beat a personal best or cycling in groups as part of a cycling club – and this means there are lots of opportunities to buy and resell branded accessories and kit. Brands like Boardman, Specialized and Canyon are popular and for people riding bikes like this, spending a bit more on purchasing kit is quite common. Many cyclists will search online for the best deals so for resellers looking to maximize their reach, reselling online on sites like eBay and Amazon could certainly help with boosting sales. More experienced cyclists will often be looking for accessories to upgrade their bike including saddles, pedals and handlebars. These can all be found at trade price too by searching for the relevant wholesale suppliers.



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How to Improve Your Productivity
How to Improve Your Productivity, Running a successful reselling business takes a lot of commitment, especially if you’re working alone.

Keeping motivated is essential but it can be tough to motivate yourself every day.

But if you’re finding your workload isn’t being whittled down or you’re not sourcing and reselling as many products as you could be, then it could be time to look at your own productivity levels and to make some improvements to it. Here are a few ways you can improve your productivity and hopefully your profit margins too:

Set a To-Do-List

One of the best things you can do to help improve your productivity is to set a to-do-list. Writing down the tasks ahead of you can not only help you to maintain focus but it can also help you to set your priorities and hit your deadline. At the start of your working week set aside some time in the morning to plan out your weekly structure. Have you got any meetings to attend? Have you got a lot of packaging to get through? Do you need to take an afternoon out to visit the post office and post stock? Try to think of every single task you’ll be facing that week and write them all down. Next you can start to plan out your working week – planning different tasks for different days. Allocate yourself time slots to complete your tasks and once completed tick them off your to-do-list. This will help you to keep on top of your current work and will also make you feel more productive.

Take Regular Breaks

It sounds strange doesn’t it – breaks to be more productive? But regular breaks are essential. They are needed for health reasons (staring at a screen all day is never good) and they can also help you to maintain motivation. If you sit at your desk listing items on eBay all day you’ll probably find your motivation lacking and you’ll probably find that you’re not completing your tasks as efficiently as you could be. To maintain motivation work for a certain amount of time – for example one hour – and then take a short break to refresh and recharge your batteries.

Keep in Contact with Wholesalers

To increase your efficiency when it comes to purchasing goods you should try to stay in regular contact with wholesale suppliers. Keeping in touch with wholesalers will help you to be aware of product trends and the latest deals. Building a relationship with your wholesale suppliers should also mean you can negotiate prices more effectively which is obviously important for your all round profit making opportunities.

Keep Distractions at Bay

If you have your smart phone next to your desk all day then you could be tempted to catch up with your social media contacts and you could find yourself getting distracted. Try to minimize your distractions by setting a work place atmosphere. Have your work essentials around you and try to work in a quiet location where you can concentrate. This will not only make you more productive but it will also improve your work-life balance if you work from home.

For more information contact us at


Where to Buy Wholesale Lighting

Where to Buy Wholesale Lighting, Lighting products are very popular for a variety of events. DIY weddings, garden decorations and parties are just a few occasions that might see consumers searching for lighting products and so for resellers this is certainly a market that could light up some profits.

There are a variety of lighting products on the market and it’s clearly a product that is experiencing a growth in sales. Lighting usually falls under the DIY or gardening market and, according to a recent survey, both of these markets have seen a rapid period of growth.

A report out earlier this year revealed that during April 2014 consumer spending had risen by a total of 3.7% compared to the previous year and the two markets that appeared to be experiencing the most growth were the DIY and gardening markets. Compared to the year before, online spending on DIY products rose by 44% whilst gardening centres all over the country saw an increase of 40% throughout their eCommerce websites.
So the figures clearly show there is a demand for DIY and gardening products and as lighting falls within this arena, the Wholesale Scout team wanted to look at what lighting products are available at trade price and what kind of return on investment they could offer. Where to Buy Wholesale Lighting

Firstly, the team identified the types of lighting products on the market and being sold by retailers:

Solar lighting – solar lighting items are popular for a variety of events and occasions. Many DIY weddings involve this type of lighting and many consumers also purchase solar lighting for garden decorations. You can find solar lighting in a number of styles including heart shaped solar lights, rock shaped solar lights and string solar lights that can be suspended on balconies and garden furniture. Where to Buy Wholesale Lighting

Fairy lights – these are bought in large volumes at Christmas time so if you’re a reseller looking to increase sales during December finding fairy lights at low prices could be a good idea. But these lights are also purchased all year round as decorative items.

Home lighting – there are a variety of home lighting products to invest in. Candles, fixed lighting and decorative lighting are just a few of the products you could be looking out for in this market.
The team at Wholesale Scout have found trusted wholesale suppliers offering lighting products like this at low trade prices. One wholesaler was offering single solar lights for 78p per unit – with a resale value of around £1.50 per unit. The team also found another supplier selling packs of 20 fairy lights for £2.55 and looking on eBay packs like this can resell for around £3.99.



FIND MAKEUP AT WHOLESALE PRICES, A study last year revealed that the average woman in the UK spends about £9,500 a year on make-up and so for resellers this is a profitable market to invest in.

Whether it’s moisturiser or concealer, this industry is certainly a money making opportunity for wholesale buyers as more and more consumers appear to be investing in cosmetics.

The team at Pallet Retails are aware just how popular this market is and have been looking for wholesalers that can offer competitive trade prices for products. Check below for the products the team have found at wholesale prices and find out what profit margins you could be making as a reseller FIND MAKEUP AT WHOLESALE PRICES:


Foundation is a staple part of every woman’s make-up bag and there are a variety of brands. Laura Mercier, Dior, Smash box and MAC are just a few of the designer brands that are popular and if found at a competitive wholesale price, they can offer a healthy return on investment. This wholesaler of designer cosmetics has had some very competitive deals on make-up and at one point the wholesaler was offering a job-lot of MAC loose powder for £228. At that price a reseller could secure a profit of over £200 per lot. There are a variety of high street brands that could be worth investing in too – Rimmel, L’Oreal and Revlon are all popular with consumers FIND MAKEUP AT WHOLESALE PRICES. Many wholesalers offer huge discounts on bulk purchases and with most high-street foundations selling for between £7 – £20, there are definitely some money making opportunities for resellers.


Mascara is bought all year round on the high street and many consumers look online to find deals on designer mascara. If you’re a reseller reselling online on sites like eBay then if you can find a designer brand at a competitive wholesale price and resell for a reasonable price, you should be able to resell in large volumes. Brands worth looking out for include MAC, Dior and Lancome. Find Makeup at Wholesale Prices

Eye Palettes

Eye shadow palettes come in all shapes and sizes but the team found a particularly good palette from one wholesaler offering a bargain. The team found one wholesale supplier offering a batch of 25 Smash box Pro Palettes for £212 – with a likely resale price of £400. Find Makeup at Wholesale Prices



FIND FITNESS EQUIPMENT AT WHOLESALE , Fitness equipment is sold all over the high street and online and for resellers the industry presents plenty of profit making opportunities.

A report last year revealed that on average people in the UK spend nearly £1,000 a year on getting fit. The statistics included gym memberships, fitness clothing and gym equipment and accessories. And one of the biggest purchases in recent years has been home fitness equipment. With the average cost of a gym membership working out around £40 a month, most consumers prefer to spend out on a one-time investment and keep the equipment for a lifetime of working out. And even the fitness fans that attend a gym regularly will invest in fitness equipment to keep at some point in their life. Whether its barbells or fitness balls – there are plenty of options for consumers to buy.

For resellers looking to profit from this industry, here are some ideas of equipment which could be worth investing in. If found at the right wholesale price, the potential for profit on resale could be quite high.

Fitness Ball

Fitness balls are one of the most popular gym items both at home and in the gym. You can use them for a variety of exercises – stomach crunches, leg raises, core stability and muscle toning are just a few of the exercises you can do on a fitness ball FIND FITNESS EQUIPMENT AT WHOLESALE.


Weights are one of the most popular home gym equipment pieces to buy. If you look at both high street sports retailers and online sports retailers you will see that many stock a variety of weights and multi-gyms FIND FITNESS EQUIPMENT AT WHOLESALE . A few ideas of stock you could look out for include barbells, dumbbells and kettle bells. Fitness Equipments

Yoga Mat

Over 30 million people practice yoga world-wide and it’s big business in the UK. Fitness classes in gyms and fitness DVDs often focus around this ancient activity. Designed to help flexibility and core stability many people in the UK use yoga as a relaxation exercise FIND FITNESS EQUIPMENT AT WHOLESALE. So for resellers this presents plenty of profit making opportunities as everyone who practices yoga needs a mat. Different makes and models retail for different prices but if you can find a wholesaler selling these at wholesale prices and selling them in a bulk – your opportunity to make a large return on investment will definitely increase. Fitness Equipments