What Are Ex-Catalogue Pallets?

What Are Ex-Catalogue Pallets? if you’re a reseller in the UK, ex-catalogue inventory should be on your radar. Ex-catalogue inventory is merchandise that didn’t sell in stores, making it essentially surplus or excess stock. Traders can buy bulk quantities of discounted ex-catalogue stock directly from retailers and then individually resell items closer to RRP (recommended retail price) for a profit. And if you’re looking for variety, no problem! Ex-catalogue stock can be of various types like apparel, jewellery electricals, toys, seasonal, household items, furniture, and more.

You can find big retailers like Amazon, Wayfair, and more sellers listing their ex-catalogue inventory on online auction sites because it’s efficient and transparent. And for buyers what Are Ex-Catalogue pallets?, you only pay what you want for inventory at auction prices! So whether you’re looking for ex-catalogue apparel pallets or furniture pallets, there’s something for everyone.

Learn all there is to know about ex-catalogue pallets and how you can secure them for your business.

Ex-catalogue vs wholesale
Ex-catalogue inventory is different from purchasing wholesale because this is inventory that didn’t sell in-stores. Rather than take up space on retail shelves, these items get marked down as retail clearance or sold off by the pallet (and truckloads!) directly to other traders. Bear in mind, this inventory was available to customers either in-stores or online already. Which means it can still be in new condition, just liquidated in order to clear shelves and make way for new product.

With wholesale, goods and merchandise are available to resellers and businesses to purchase. The wholesale price is usually fixed and the amount of product can vary substantially. The goods are usually sold – by the wholesaler – in bulk qua what Are Ex-Catalogue pallets ntities with the intention of being resold by the purchaser. Something else to note: true wholesaling is generally not available to the standard consumer.

Bulk buying inventory, in this case, ex-catalogue inventory, means items are deeply discounted because they didn’t sell at their original retail price. (And you’re also buying a lot more inventory at once than one by one.) You can find certain product categories sold for up to 80% off RRP

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