Exporting Liquidation Merchandise Pallet

Exporting Liquidation Merchandise Pallet texas is in an ideal position to host businesses buying liquidation merchandise to export to Mexico. Texas exported $109.7 billion in goods to Mexico in 2018, representing 35 percent of the state’s total goods exports. This article will explore what liquidation merchandise resellers need to do to export products into Mexico from Texas.

There were 6,959,384 commercial freight crossings at the US-Mexico border in 2021.

3 of the top 4 gateways into Mexico by traffic are in Texas:

Laredo, TX
Otay Mesa, CA
Hidalgo, TX
Ysleta, TX
Texas is also home to many of the nation’s largest retail distribution centers Exporting Liquidation Merchandise Pallet, including centers for Amazon and Walmart. These logistics hubs are used as collection points for customer returns and overstock inventory that need to be liquidated which gives Texas resellers a unique advantage when considering buying this product to export to Mexico.

Starting a Business in Texas: How You Can Profit from Liquidation

Exporting to Mexico: The USMCA
On July 1, 2020, a new trade agreement between the United States, Mexico Exporting Liquidation Merchandise Pallet, and Canada went into effect known as the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, or (USMCA). Liquidation merchandise purchased in Texas for export to Mexico falls under this agreement.

Certifying Product Origins
A certificate of origin, or COO, is necessary for any shipment into Mexico valued at more than $1000 (though some shipping companies will require one for a shipment below this amount).

You can use a pre-written form, or create your own, but it must contain this information:

Who is the certifier (importer, exporter or producer)
Certifier name, address including country and contact information
Exporter name, address and contact info (if different than certifier)
Producer name, address and contact info (if different than certifier)
Importer name, address and contact info (if different than certifier)
Description of goods
HS tariff classification number
Origin criterion
Blanket period (certificates may be for a specific shipment or multiple shipments. Certificates issued for multiple shipments will include a date range, during which certification will be valid. Date ranges can be up to 12 months)
In addition, the certification must be signed and dated by the certifier and accompanied by the following statement:

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