Facebook Marketplace ads reach

Facebook Marketplace ads reach if you’re looking for an online platform to sell your liquidation merchandise, you can do a lot worse than Facebook Marketplace. The website allows you to sell your merchandise locally, allowing your customers to come to you – and best of all, if you don’t opt for certain features, all your listings and sales will be free. Let’s explore how Facebook Marketplace works, how to post listings, and what additional features are available to you.

What is Facebook Marketplace?
Facebook Marketplace is Facebook’s classified ads service that allows sellers to list products for free. The listings can include photos and descriptions and are tagged to a specific location. Facebook Marketplace is very convenient to use and has a very large potential customer base.

Facebook Marketplace is targeted toward local pick-up sales. Shipment sales are a new feature for which a selling fee is charged (see below). These sales have to be listed through Facebook’s Commerce Manager.

You can use this platform for advertising to potential local customers Facebook Marketplace ads reach, allowing you to test your local market and find out what sells with very low risk.

Facebook Marketplace: The Numbers
There are 190,000,000 Facebook Marketplace users in the USA.
Facebook and Facebook Marketplace attract over 2.91 billion monthly users. That’s around 35% of the entire world’s population.
77% of Internet users are active on at least one Meta platform
Facebook Marketplace registered more than one billion monthly global users in the first quarter of 2021.
In 2019 6% of survey respondents said they buy products from Facebook Marketplace. In 2020, that figure doubled to 12%.
The conversion rate for advertising on Facebook and Facebook Marketplace for businesses has been found to be as high as 9%
Furniture, kids’ toys, vehicles, and tools are among the most popular items on Facebook Marketplace.
70% of people earning more than $75k a year use Facebook on a regular, often daily, basis.
Facebook Marketplace ads reach 562 million people globally.
$26 billion gross revenue was made on Facebook Marketplace in 2021, an increase of 48% from 2020

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