Buying Liquidation Pallets in Texas

If you’re a reseller looking to save money sourcing merchandise in Texas, you should consider buying liquidation pallets. This guide will walk you through what liquidation pallets are, the merchandise they contain, how you can add value to items as well as how to buy liquidation pallets in Texas.

What Are Liquidation Pallets?
Liquidation pallets consist of surplus merchandise from a major retailer or vendor that needs to be turned into cash quickly. A typical liquidation pallet contains either customer returns or overstock inventory.

There are many reasons why customers return products to retailers buying Liquidation Pallets in Texas. The top reasons given for returning items are:

20% of customers received damaged products.
22% of customers received products that looked different from what they had seen online.
23% of customers received the wrong products.
35% sent products back for other reasons, including customers changing their minds about their purchases.
While at least 30% of all products bought online are returned by customers, the percentage goes down to just 8.89% for brick-and-mortar stores. This is explained by several factors. Online retailers make it very easy to return items, with many offering free return shipping, easy-to-print returns labels as well as ‘no questions asked’ returns policies.

These practices mean that online retailers need to be more flexible than bricks-and-mortar retailers, as their customers do not get the chance to test the products in person.

Furthermore, a generous returns policy attracts customers.

92% of customers are more likely to purchase from a retailer, which makes returns easier.
67% of customers are more likely to check the returns policy before buying
27% of consumers are more likely to spend over $1000 if a business offers a free returns policy.
62% of shoppers are more likely to buy if they can return a product bought online to a physical store.

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