How to Buy iPhone Returns

How to Buy iPhone Returns if you’re looking to purchase and resell mobile phones, iPhones are a top choice! When it comes to the secondary mobile market, iPhones (and really all Apple products) retain their value. Consider this: at two years post-launch, used Androids will decrease in value by nearly double that of iPhones—Android at 62.5%, and iPhone at 35.5% respectively. So why does used iPhone pricing stay higher than Android? This is due to a few reasons, the main ones being that 1) Apple has better brand loyalty and status, and 2) that the cost to repair an iPhone is typically lower. In the US alone, iPhones have a 65% share of smartphone sales. In fact, it’s estimated that 1 billion people use iPhones worldwide! If you’re thinking about selling used iPhones or are looking for a steady stream of inventory, here are some tips to think about as you embark.

In this blog, we cover:

The value of iPhone returns
Global chip shortages
Where to buy used phones
Tips for buying iPhone returns
How to sell iPhone returns
What makes iPhone returns so valuable?
The brand recognition that Apple holds, along with the exclusivity of one new iPhone release a year, makes iPhone returns very valuable. The cycle to upgrade is quick, too, with the lines blurring between the latest model and the one prior. But while everyone wants to get their hands on the latest drop, you have an opportunity to fill the needs of other shoppers.

Used phones, among iPhone returns, are turning into a hot commodity as a global chip shortage brought on by Covid lockdowns, factory closures, and silicon supply constraints could start impacting Apple as well. This includes chips used to perform basic functions (powering displays and dealing with audio) on a smartphone. While these shortages have already been felt by manufacturers of cars and video games, who also use semiconductors during production, it seems that Apple is no exception.

Despite sales of iPhones being up 50% annually to $39.57 billion in sales, it’s possible that shortages may hinder consumers from upgrading right away. That’s where resellers like you can offer iPhone returns that the average consumer may not have had access to.

Where To Buy Used iPhones
Purchase iPhone returns directly from the source
With the high volume of iPhone trade-ins, many wireless networks, retailers, and trade-in companies are leveraging B2B sales channels – like the one Palletszone provides – to sell bulk quantities of iPhone devices directly to business buyers. By purchasing directly from the retailer, you can assume that 1) there is no liquidator involvement 2) there are no price markups and 3) that the retailer wants to move the inventory as quickly as possible.

Palletszone currently operates the world’s largest network of online marketplaces for customer-returned, excess, or previously traded-in wireless inventory. These marketplaces provide buyers access to iPhone devices directly from top wireless retailers and trade-in companies; you are buying directly from them!

eBay, Amazon, and Swappa
Refurbished and unlocked cell phones are available on marketplace sites like eBay, Amazon, and Swappa. Smaller lots, wholesale bulk lots, and individually used phones can be found here. However, you should ensure they are coming from a reliable seller by first checking their ratings. These are also great resources for checking to see what the current resale value of the used phone is.

Palletszone Supply
Palletszone Supply is a great starting point for buyers big and small. You can purchase case packs, which is the standard shipping practice used for mobile phones, which is a box with individual slots for wrapped mobile phones. These boxes usually range in size from 30 to 50-unit case packs.

The best part about Supply is that you are participating in auctions—which means you only pay what you want! There are also auctions with the Phonecheck Certified Badge, theHow to Buy iPhone Returnsse are guaranteed to be in 100% working condition. In addition, each auction provides our buyers with the MSRP value of the lot, number of units, product condition, location zip code, and shipping arrangement.

4 Tips To Help You Buy iPhone Returns

  1. Ensure constant supply
    It’s important to have enough iPhone inventory to satisfy the needs of your customers. Make sure the marketplaces you are sourcing from have a continuous supply of Apple returns you need to keep your customers happy. Check out the following marketplaces that offer bulk quantities of iPhone devices across all models (even the newest iterations) and conditions (Grade A to salvage).

Mobile Carrier Liquidations
Superior Wireless Auctions
Select Mobile Auctions
ALLTECH Wholesale
Wireless Network Marketplace
GameStop Wholesale
Early Upgrade Auctions

  1. Be well versed in condition codes
    From Grades A-E, you can find used iPhones in the condition that suits your business needs How to Buy iPhone Returns. There is a universal grading scale criteria for carriers and manufacturers to follow when selling their used inventory.

Grade A

Like new condition
Negligible scratches and blemishes.
Tested and fully functional with clean ESN and no user locks (for example FMIP / iCloud locked).
Grade B

Light wear and tear
May have one or several light scratches that do not catch a fingernail or tool. No cracks present on the device or display.
Tested and fully functional with clean ESN and no user locks (not FMIP / iCloud locked).
Grade C

More aggressive wear and tear
May have cracks on certain surface areas such as camera lens, rear lens but not on display cover lens (Glass panel and Digitizer).
Tested and fully functional with clean ESN and no user locks (for eHow to Buy iPhone Returns xample FMIP / iCloud locked).
Grade D

Heavy cosmetic damage with cover lens cracks
Will have excessive damage on multiple surface areas and cracks on the display cover lens but not on the LCD. In addition, there may be missing parts, liquid damage and screen burn present.
Units are tested but may not be fully functional. Clean ESN but units may be user locked (for example FMIP / iCloud locked).
Grade E

Heavy cosmetic damage with LCD damage
Will have excessive damage on multiple surface areas including the display internal structure. Damage may range from but not limited to liquid damage, missing parts, screen burn etc.
Units are tested but may not be fully functional. Clean ESN but units may be user locked (for example FMIP / iCloud locked).
Get the full breakdown on mobile condition codes, check out ​Buying Used Phones? Meet the New Mobile Grades.

  1. Purchase the right amount
    Buying iPhones in bulk is the best way to ensure bigger margins How to Buy iPhone Returns. That said, make sure you are purchasing the right quantity of phones for your needs. It’s typical that larger lots of devices have a lower cost-per-item but you don’t want to purchase more than you can sell.
  2. Know how much used iPhones are worth
    Before you can sell used iPhones and turn a profit, you need to do some market. Conduct a quick Google search or visit your local mobile carrier for trade-in prices. Depending on the year, model, storage, operating system, and of course, condition, you will see a wide range. To find out what the going rate is, simply try typing something like “How much is a used iPhone 11 worth?” You can cross-reference the results from shopping ads, marketplace sites like Swappa, blogs and tech publications, and other sources. Here is an example of the results below!

How to Sell Used iPhones

Clean it up, wipe it down

In some cases, used phones may not be data wiped. When flipping phones, you want to restore them to factory settings and ensure all personal data is gone, such as Apple IDs. This is a good time to check the serial number and ensure it’s clean (not stolen). You should also wipe it down, removing any fingerprints or scuffs on the phone or screen. If you have a cracked or scratched screen or have a battery that needs replacing, move on to the next step. 

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