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Wholesale Palletszone with our Pallet August 10, 2019 • Freight Shipping • pallet • pallet breakdown

We know what it’s like to be an online or retail entrepreneur! The https://palletszone.com liquidation lots and pallets are the perfect place to find and source the high quality products you need to grow your sales!

However, we know that pallets are not for everyone. Pallet orders typically need to be delivered by freight. Arranging freight shipping is often an inconvenient, time-consuming, and frustrating process. Dealing with freight shipping can often result in surprise fees, hours wasted playing phone tag, and expensive shipping rates.

But those are not the only challenges. If you’re running a startup Wholesale Palletszone with our Pallet, if you’re running a bootstrapped entrepreneurial online retailer, or if you’re selling online as a side hustle, you’re probably running your business out of a residential or rural location. This means freight shipping might not even be an option for you. Most freight companies do not service rural and out-of-the-way locales and often refuse to deliver to residential locations.

Finally, even if one of the above is not your case, not every business even has the facilities (loading dock and warehouse space) and equipment (forklift or pallet-jack) to deal with large deliveries on skids. We get it; you have pallet-sized problem.

Before launching whole palletszone, we ran an online retail business. We have been in your shoes, have felt your pain and understand the problem. Using traditional freight shipping ofthttpsen results in wasted time, and puts your working capital at risk. Without delivery tracking, you also risk a lost shipment.

That’s why we created our Pallet Breakdown Service! We want to make liquidation pallets accessible to everyone! When you request our pallet breakdown service, we break down your pallet order into separate boxes. These can then be shipped to you by ground transit. This means you can get pallet orders delivered anywhere, you get a tracking code for peace of mind, and you save money and time when compared to freight shipping!

The Pallet Breakdown Service costs $180 per pallet. This covers all shipping and handling costs for the entire pallet. Pallet orders shipped with the Pallet Breakdown Service ship out within one business day; try to get that level of service from a freight company! When you place your order, simply choose the Pallet Breakdown Service option for your shipping method at checkout and leave the rest to us!

Select from the many pallet categories available, and sleep well knowing your products are on their way, are being tracked, and will arrive quickly so you can grow your sales and turn a profit!

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