Liquidation Auctions Marketplace Launch

Liquidation Auctions Marketplace Launch i am very excited to announce that we have launched a new B2B marketplace for Sam’s Club! While members of the Palletszone team have been working together with Sam’s Club on their B2C auction site for 10 years, we had not, until now, built them a B2B site for Sam’s Club’s bulk liquidation of excess, overstock, and returns inventory liquidation.

They have already begun using the new liquidation auctions marketplace for liquidations of large lots of Sam’s Club overstock (new product liquidations sale) as well as Sam’s Club customer returns and damages in pallet and truckload quantities. All approved buyers from our Walmart liquidation marketplace have had accounts automatically created for them Liquidation Auctions Marketplace Launch. New members are welcome to register in both sites, and take advantage of our liquidation auction offers including appliance liquidators sale.

“I feel so confident shopping and bidding on items knowing that I am going to get what I paid for. And if not, there’s a killer customer service team that’s going to make sure everything’s alright in the end. That’s huge. It’s hard to take that risk whe Liquidation Auctions Marketplace Launchn you’re first starting out.

Today we launched 4 lots of inspected, graded, unsorted LCD TV liquidation. These lots total approximately $35,000 in current retail value and each of them opened at $100 with no reserve. In addition, another excess inventory liquidation with 5 lots of furniture, consumer electronics, bikes and domestics launched with opening bids of $1. These 5 lots of excess inventory liquidation consist of approximately $40,000 worth of consumer returned goods at retail value.

eBay sellers, Amazon merchants and other resellers in search of product on liquidation auctions from liquidators wholesale to grow your business will love this fantastic opportunity to inventory liquidation sales, like liquidation appliance inventory, so get signed up and approved for a free buyer account right now.

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