Guide to Buying Cell Phones in Bulk

A Guide to Buying Cell Phones did you know that most once-owned smartphones will still have two to four more users before reaching end-of-life status and getting recycled? Thanks to trade-in programs and customer returns, among other channels, there is a huge demand for secondary market cell phones. Buyers can acquire used and returned cell phones via online auction sites like B-Stock. In fact, mobile is a behemoth of a category to get into if you’re a reseller or wholesaler. From used iPhone returns to trade-in Samsung Galaxy units, buying cell phones in bulk generates steady business for mobile resellers!

In this article, we’ll go over:

The mobile category
How cell phones reach the secondary market
Benefits of buying cell phones in bulk
Best practices for buying cell phones in bulk
Best practices for reselling cell phones
The mobile category

​​In 2022, the number of global smartphone users is estimated to be 6.6 billion! Smartphones on the secondary market are just as hot of a commodity—cell phone returns and trade-ins, especially.

The products that make up this category may be small, but they are in fact mighty. Because there is a high demand for this product category, a mobile reseller, wholesaler, or exporter can build quite a lucrative business. According to CCS Insight, second-hand smartphones reached $13 billion in revenue for organized commercial resellers in 2021.

Here are some top mobile manufacturers that make up this category

Mobile manufacturers and carriers have a few reasons for selling excess stock via online auctions Guide to Buying Cell Phones. Inventory includes store demo models, overstock, aging units, warranty replacements of damaged and defective units, and store returns. Let’s break down a few ways that mobile inventory makes its way to the B-Stock platform:

  1. Trade-in programs
    Consumers in the market for a new cell phone will visit retailers like Verizon and AT&T to trade in or trade up Guide to Buying Cell Phones. Trade-in programs through the carriers are a leading cause of mobile inventory entering the secondary market via resellers and wholesalers that buy these cell phones in bulk
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