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Christmas Tree


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Christmas trees are the focal point of our home during the holiday season, with many households preferring artificial trees over real Christmas trees. Maybe that’s because artificial Christmas trees come in so many sizes and styles, from artificial tabletop trees for home decorating to large artificial Christmas trees for commercial use. Or it could be because they’re convenient. There’s no watering, no messy needles – and no need to brave the crowds and cold weather at the tree lot. Choose a pre-lit Christmas tree and save time stringing lights each year, or wrap an unlit artificial Christmas tree with lights that reflect your style. Our selection ranges from budget-friendly classic trees to some of the most realistic artificial Christmas trees available. For a faux tree with flair, consider a colorful Christmas tree or flocked Christmas tree. We have pop up trees you can put up in seconds – even snowing Christmas trees! What are you waiting for? Start shopping now for the best artificial Christmas tree to meet your needs.

1. Christmas Trees
The Christmas tree is a beautiful symbol of the holiday season. However, many people do not realize that they are actually toxic. When these trees are cut down, the needles are left behind. These needles have been known to cause skin irritation and respiratory issues. If you want to keep your Christmas tree without harming yourself or others around you, then make sure to take care of them properly.
2. Christmas Lights
Many people enjoy decorating their homes with lights during the holidays. However, some people may not know that the bulbs they use could be harmful. Many of the bulbs sold at stores are filled with mercury. Mercury is extremely dangerous to humans and animals, especially if ingested. To avoid any potential harm, try using LED lights instead.
3. Christmas Ornaments
When you buy ornaments for your home, you should always check the labels. You should never put anything in your mouth that comes out of a plastic bag. Plastic bags can easily break open and release chemicals inside. Instead, look for glass or ceramic ornaments.
4. Christmas Tree Fertilizer
If you plan on keeping your Christmas tree outside, you should make sure to fertilize it regularly. Make sure to use a fertilizer that does not contain any pesticides or herbicides. Also, make sure to water your tree well after applying the fertilizer.
5. Christmas Candles
Candles are a wonderful way to add warmth to your home during the cold winter months. However, many people choose to burn candles year-round. If you would rather not burn candles, you should consider switching to electric lighting. Electric lights last longer than candles and consume less electricity.
6. Christmas Decorations
You should never hang decorations on your house until after New Year’s Day. This is because many of the decorations contain lead paint. Lead paints were once commonly used to protect wood surfaces, but now they are banned. If you would like to decorate your home before January 1st, you should only use non-lead-based products.
7. Christmas Cards
It is best to send cards that are recyclable. Many companies offer environmentally friendly options for sending cards. If you cannot find a company that offers eco-friendly cards, you should write your own message on recycled paper.


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